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Captain Lou Rush of the New Orleans police department is the leader of the Tribunal, a band of ten cops dedicated to eliminating the criminals that fall through the cracks of the justice system. Their success has made them powerful, and untouchable in the Crescent City, but that is about to change. 

After two decades, the time has come for Lou Rush’s son Nick to join the Tribunal as aging members are due to retire. However, a fellow officer is killed by the Tribunal, and Nick discovers that his father may have also murdered an innocent man.

For years, Nick’s fiancé Cali Maddox quietly blends into the background. With an agenda of her own, her secrets will force father and son to decide where their true loyalties lie - with the Tribunal or with the love of Nick’s life, because one of them will not survive the aftermath.

Audio book coming soon!

How does the disappearance of nineteen high school baseball players remain a mystery for thirty years? 

Angel Blondeaux had been taught since birth to never betray family, only to escape the clutches of home to become an FBI agent. For generations, Blondeaux has been the name to respect in Moreau Parish, and the name to fear. Crime is no longer a part of life, but a lifestyle, woven into the fabric of the parish. So, when Angel Blondeaux had graduated Quantico, she was rejected by the family like a bad organ. 

The matriarch of the Blondeaux clan is Angel's grandmother Paulette. Paulette's successor was to be Angel's Aunt Lorna until her mysterious death places the role of heir up for grabs. The FBI forces Angel to return home for her aunt's funeral, only to discover a new will has been drafted, leaving Angel the house and an immense plot of land, along with the buried secrets of years past.

Release date on May 1st, 2021!




Officer Violet Babineaux investigates her friend's murder when the department closes the case as a suicide.



A detective tracks a young female from the bayou as she leaves a trail of bodies in search for her sister's killer.

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Trapped in the flooding of New Orleans, a paramedic must protect the daughter of a slain friend from a serial killer.



A detective is blackmailed into committing a murder after his wife is killed and his daughter kidnapped.



When the past girlfriends of a detective start turning up dead, Decland Peyroux soon discovers a serial killer is working his way up to his fiancé.



Well, it all started in New Orleans where I was born and raised. The Crescent City and all its dark weirdness laid the foundation for every story I've written since high school up to present day.


I graduated from the University of New Orleans and served six years in the Louisiana National Guard before wanting to explore outside of my beloved hometown. I met the woman I would marry in Chicago and stayed.

"My mind easily delves into the morbid, twisted recesses, but to balance out the evil, I watch a lot of comedies and balance the fine line between laughing and offending. If I do both, my job is done."



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