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Signs of getting older...

Digging through a old box of memories, I found this Billy Idol ticket among others. I was front row at the Rebel Yell tour, and I even snagged a "set list" from one of the speakers stage speakers after the show. So, now that I'm well into my fifties, there are certain things I'm noticing that I never thought would happen. Here are a few things and I'm wondering if my wonderful readers have felt the same way.... When I'm home by myself, I make sure my cell phone is with me in case I fall down the stairs, in the shower, or have some kind of aneurysm. I'm closer to retirement than when I started working, and wonder how long my job will keep me, and if I can actually be greeter in a box store. I yell at people who don't stop at the stop sign near my house while walking my dog. I look forward to Saturday Night Live. All new music sucks and/or is copying the music I used to love. I make dated references to movies and songs that my co-workers fresh out of college don't get. Why am I cold all the time? Okay, here's a story... When I was in my early twenties, I had the RK surgery, which is the corrective eye surgery with a scalpel instead of the laser. Worked perfect, but the doctor told me when I reached my forties, I'd go near-sighted but I didn't care. I was young and immortal. Low and behold, my forties hit and I had to get glasses. Now, I'm wearing bifocals. My eyes are too flat from the surgery to wear normal contacts. I wonder how bad my eyes would really be now if I just had some sense back then? Now, if I think about anything touching my eyes, I consider the risk of getting blinded and turn into a real chicken. In one of my books yet to be published, I write "Youth isn't wasted on the young, wisdom is wasted on the old." as in If I only knew then what I know now.... Dose of Cuteness! This is Rory and not Brees as you're used to seeing, but I couldn't resist. Enjoy!

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