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A bus of nineteen high school baseball players vanishes from a rural country road two decades ago. Their secrets should have stayed buried forever.

Should have.

FBI Agent Angel Blondeaux has carved a new life far from the shadows of her haunting past. Born into a lineage of crime, she was raised in a family whose very name sends shivers through the expanse of Louisiana's Moreau Parish.

Summoned back to her hometown by the Bureau, Angel faces the chilling task of unearthing the truth behind the infamous disappearance that has lingered as an unsolved enigma. Her every step fraught with deception, treachery, and the looming threat of imminent peril.

In a world where loyalty is tangled with lies and the truth is just as elusive, Angel must grapple with the shades of her family's past. Those who know the truth will stop at nothing to safeguard their empire.

If you enjoy the thrilling suspense of Harlan Coben or Michael Connolly, then you will love "Angel Blondeaux".

Blood Parish - ebook

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